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Teamed up of hard-working and experienced professionals, ANTS has the breadth of innovative capabilities to make it happen of the insight that designers want to create into real form. Through dedicated spirit on top of cooperative mind, ANTS will make greater efforts to come up with many more success stories.


Customer-focused Quality Management
High level of Security & Control System


In addition to the conventional Visual Design Models, Prototypes and Soft Goods, ANTS covers multi-services of various technology applications such as Precision machining, Additive manufacturing and so on. Through long time working experiences together with global industry leaders, ANTS has grown up as an issue-solution company catching up precisely what designers are looking for.

Below are general references of item category that ANTS is frequently engaged in but not limited to;

- IT related Products:
- Electronics & Electrics:
- Healthcare Products:
- Audio & Display Products:
- Industrial Parts and many more.
Service Variety for Wider Options
Along with major product lines of Design Appearance Models, Prototypes and Soft Goods mentioned above, ANTS also provides 3D-printing (plastics & metals) service and finish treatment techniques with various coloring matches and materials. Such services would obviously offer a wider range of options in design application to meet quick-changing design trends.
Quality pretty much says it all - No compromise on quality
To perform top quality, intensive care is focused on every detail of design features and CMTF data. Technical specification is also strictly met through tight tolerance control and final inspection. To maintain high quality and efficient management, quality standard of ISO 9001/14001 has been introduced to the company operation system.
Security & Confidentiality - Do make a habit of it
Apart from the tightly secured access control system, data information system is also properly set up with Unified Protection Management System for networking and data handling administration. In case of tighter security measures required for those very strict confidential projects, TFT may be organized with exclusive space available according to the customer’s needs and plans.


ANTS has different capabilities and technologies exampled below, but not limited;
Parts Machining
Aluminum, SUS, brass, copper as well as various plastics, also covering wood, stone, composite or more. Precision parts with complexity can be made through 5-axis CNC.
Vacuum Casting
For one-offs or low volumes, vacuum casting enables create various grades, colors and hardness.
3D Printing(SLS/DMLS)
Without tooling or machining, highly complex geometries to be built directly from the 3D data. Both metal and plastics materials are available.
Soft Goods
In-house accessory team is winning its craftmanship. ANTS can apply various materials such as leather, fabrics, wood and other new trendy ones.
In-house paint shop presents good skills to create more realistic feel and nicer finish. Sample books of major international coloring system are available for immediate references.
To increase corrosion resistance and to allow dyed in many colors or improve adhesion etc.
Chemical Etching
A highly precise corrosion process used to produce complex metal parts with very fine detail. Suitable for part integrity with benefits of burr free, material diversity, precision for complexity.
ANTS electrical engineers design circuit diagram to meet customers' needs of lighting effect applied to the models features.


ANTS is well equipped with modern machinery and instruments at clean facilities, such as 3 axis CNC / 5 axis CNC / Turn Mill / Additive Manufacturing / Laser Etching / 3D UV Image Printer and so on. Updated equipment build-up would continue to pursue more and more smart model shop.
3, 5-axis CNC
3D Printer
UV Printer


Experience how ANTS model makers demonstrate the firm commitments on higher quality with quicker turnaround time.

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